Codys - tools

transponder - reader

The transponder technology is a wearless and secure alternative to key pads for Cody Universal. 


Art.: 508.L000.10

*optional: distance housing for mounting on metal surfaces.

Art.: 508.000G.00

transponder keys

grey -    Art.: 508.K000.01

blue -    Art.: 508.K000.02

green - Art.: 508.K000.03

red -     Art.: 508.K000.04

transponder cards

grey -    Art.: 508.C000.01

blue -    Art.: 508.C000.02

green - Art.: 508.C000.03

red -     Art.: 508.C000.04

radio control module

plugable module to enable radio control of the Cody


Art.: 906.M0CU.01  -  433 MHz

Art.: 906.M0CU.02  -  868 MHz

Cody Universal Service Tool


Service tool for maintenance and programming of the Cody universal.

Well-structured user interface with LCD display. 

Art.: 500.STU0.00 

12 V dooropender


Electric door opener 12 V,

without lock plate. 

Art.: 501.T100.70